The Map Collection

The Map Collection

 Formerly part of the Geography department, the map collection is now located on the 2nd floor of Mount Scopus Central Library and houses some 70,000 printed maps both from Israel and around the world. The focal point of the collection are maps of the area now called Israel, and the Middle East, starting with the map of Napoleon (1799) and other maps of the Ottoman period, via the British Mandate and up until contemporary Israel. The majority of the maps of the rest of the world are from the second half of the 20th century. Part of the collection is cataloged, and accessible via the online library catalog.  We are working on a graphic interface which will enable users to select areas of interest and to receive information on the relevant maps that exist in the map collection. Part of the collection is in the process of being scanned. The scanned maps  are viewable here and they can be downloaded by students and staff of the Hebrew University. Others can contact the head of the Map Department for scans.  

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Head of the Map department: Krina Doekes Brandt

Tel.: 02-5880170


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Tel: 02-5881153