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Why Study Geography?

Geography is a discipline devoted to studying the human and physical processes and patterns that shape the earth. Studying Geography involves learning about the accelerated growth of cites, the clash between globalization processes and local cultures, coping with  environmental hazards, global warming and climate change, mitigating the pressures  on natural resources and the evolving landscape of Eretz Yisrael both past and present.

Studying Geography at the Hebrew University will equip you with a broad and integrative view of the human and physical process that fashion our environment.  You will be exposed to Urban and Economic Geography, Historical and Cultural Geography, Physical and Environmental Geography, Transportation, Tourism, Cartography, Remote Sensing, GIS and Geoinformatics.  A grounding in geographical and spatial skills presents many employment opportunities in the fields of urban planning, environmental and resource management, transportation planning and management, spatial analytics and geoinformatics, social and community planning and education.
Interest in geographical and spatial skills has risen greatly in recent years. This is due greater environmental awareness of the detrimental effects of human activity and the magnitude of natural hazards on an ever-growing population.  In addition the forces of globalization and political change have combined to generate change at the global, national and local scales.  Finally, the revolution in the information technology and the rise of the digital society have redefined human activity and have concomitantly provided new opportunities for research, teaching and employment. 
The Department of Geography at Hebrew University combines lectures, group project assignments, clinics and lab classes, field work, site study visits and study tours abroad in a stimulating scientific environment.  The first year of study is devoted to introductory mandatory courses and in subsequent years each student complies their own combination of elective and methodological courses. We offer a Geoinformatics track option to outstanding students from the second year onwards.  This provides the theoretical, technical and applied tools for spatial data analysis and geo- computational skills.