The Center for Computational Geography


Against the background of major information technology changes impacting  on geographic research via GIS and allied technologies,  the Center for Computational Geography  (CCG) was established.
This is a dedicated center, unique amongst Geography Departments in Israel. Its mission is to support research with computational orientation.
The CCG was  founded in 2009 cognizant of the growing explosion in the availability of spatial and temporal data and the research opportunities that this revolution could present. Additionally the CCG aims at supporting teaching in the area of geoinformatics  (GIS, remote sensing, spatial statistics, data mining, databases, python programing etc) with a view to incorporating these capabilities across all the various disciplinary tracks in the department. The CCG staff have capabilities in GIS, digital cartography, digital design and media, database management and  programing. The CCG also provides services in these areas to other units within the university.  The CCG includes the laboratory which has been an integral feature of the department since its inception in 1950. The cartography lab has generated a high profile both locally and internationally  producing the Atlas of Israel (in conjunction with the Israel Land Survey) and other graphic materials. Today all work is conducted in a computerized environment and includes digital graphics and website design.