Advanced Tracking Methods Lab - Prof. Noam Shoval


This lab was established by Professor Noam Shoval in 2003. Initially research was focused on  tracking tourists in historic cities . Over time the range of interests has broadened considerably. Recent work conducted includes analyzing tourist mobility in amusement parks and in large cities in various countries. Advanced tracking has also been used in cooperation with national projects such as Birthright tours travel surveys. Since 2007 tracking technology has also been applied in the medical field.

A bi-national research project with Heidelberg University looked at cognitive deterioration over space and time. In 2008 a research project with the orthopedic department at the Hadassah Hospital  used GPS tracking to  develop objective indices of recovery from orthopedic  operations. The ideas developed in the project were subsequently commercialized by the Hebrew University.

More recently, work has been focused on the urban geography of Jerusalem. Mental mapping of urban spaces has been assisted by accurate  measurement , feelings and fears in urban spaces have been monitored and mapped real-time using a dedicated phone application  and since 2015 the research group has been working on using sensors for measuring objective physiological changes induced  by excitement, fear etc amongst participants in various research settings.