Prof. Sigal Kaplan

Associate Professor
Room 4604

Sigal Kaplan

Sigal main interest is behavioral geography as key for promoting a sustainable future by focusing on the link between spatial behavior and sociology for understanding cognitive processes and perceptions which motivate human spatial behavior. Her research focuses on the multi-faceted construction of the perceived reality comprised of the geographic, social and cognitive realms. Namely, individuals’ spatial choices are shaped by their socio-ecological habitus, including the physical, social, institution and policy climates. Sigal is interested in the various aspects of sustainable development and urban planning including active travel and public health, traffic safety and vulnerable road users, equity assessment, migration and social networks, residential location choice and knowledge-based development, and public transport user-operator interface. Sigal has extensive experience with the statistical and econometric modelling in the area of discrete choice, structural equation models and advanced data mining techniques. Sigal has published 44 papers in scientific international journals and has about 80 peer-reviewed contributions to international conferences in these different research themes. Sigal conducted studies in Israel, Europe (Denmark, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Spain, and Portugal), South America (Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico), China, United States, New Zealand and Australia. Sigal is on the management committee of the COST Action TU1209 for Equity Assessment in Transport and TU1305 on Social networks and travel behavior. Sigal recently returned from Denmark where she worked as Associate Professor in the Technical University of Denmark and took part in large-scale European projects. Sigal worked on the SELECT project focusing on suitable electro-mobility for commercial transport,  “Improving road safety” (IMPROSA) for the Danish Council for Strategic Research, “Analyses of activity-based travel chains and sustain-able mobility (ACTUM)” for the Danish Council for Strategic Research, “Tools for transport forecasting and scenario testing (TRANSTOOLS 3)” for the Seventh Framework Program of the European Commission, SUSTAIN for National Sustainable Transport Planning, and "Integrated Public Transport Optimization and Planning" (IPTOP). Sigal is member of the International Association for Travel Behavior Research, NECTAR, and the Regional Science Association. She has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the prestigious Eleonore Trefftz Fellowship from the German University Excellence program for visiting professors. She also regularly supervises students in a variety of subjects across her research interests