Dr. Amit Tubi

Room 4618


Dr. Amit Tubi joined the Department of Geography after his post-doctoral training at the University of Toronto (2015-2016). His doctoral research (completed 2015), supervised by Prof. Eran Feitelson, was carried out at the Department of Geography, the Hebrew University. Amit’s main research interest focuses on the relationship between climate change and society, including the institutional, economic and political dimensions linked with these changes. His research examines the factors that shape social groups’ vulnerability to climate change and climate extremes, the manner in which societies adapt to climatic perturbations and the effect of state institutions on vulnerability and adaptation in various scales. Additional research areas include the relationship between climate change and cooperation/conflict and the effect of psychological factors on adaptation processes. Amit’s work in these areas is related to his research in physical geography. In this field, Amit focuses on synoptic climatology, particularly on the effect of atmospheric circulation patterns on environmental phenomena such as dust outbreaks, extreme temperatures and flash floods.