Dr. Amit Birenboim

Amit  Birenboim
Senior Lecturer
Room 4607

Dr. Amit Birenboim is a senior lecturer at the department of geography and the Center for Urban Innovation at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and head of the Urban Vitality Lab. He completed his PhD studies in 2016 at the Hebrew University after which he started a post-doctorate in the Healthy Urban Living research group at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Between the years 2018-2021 he served as a senior lecturer at the Department of Geography and Human Environment at Tel Aviv University. Dr. Birenboim’s research focuses on human spatial behavior in various contexts such as health, mobility and transportation, technological impact, leisure and tourism. Researchers in his lab implement and develop state-of-the-art tools that allow accurate measurements of human-environment interactions. These tools include portable sensors, location tracking technologies. virtual and augmented reality. Studies that take place in the lab are interdisciplinary in their nature and often involve collaborations with Israeli and international researchers from various disciplines.